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Mobility Solutions Handbook for Seniors
Financial Planning Resources for Seniors
Local Resources Guide for Seniors
Technology Assistance Guide for Seniors
Senior Independence Goal Setting Guide
Legal and Healthcare Documentation Checklist
Companionship Ideas
Meal Planning and Nutrition Tips
Access to Additional Support Your Guide to Senior Concierge Services
Emergency Preparedness
Home Safety Checklist
Daily Schedule Template

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Wait, before you go... I want to invite you to have a personal 'Assisted Living Navigator' discovery session with me!

The personal assisted living navigator discovery session is a 1:1 discussion where we discover what it is that you are looking in an assisted living facility. Once I have this information I do the research and send you a report with the top three facilities local to you with my recommendations.

Hi, I'm Krysta Serratore, the compassionate force behind our senior support business. With a heartfelt commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors.

Your 1:1 Session will include:

A dedicated individual to help you practice due diligence.
A person who cares about the process and who is family oriented!
A creative approach to your goals.

As a dedicated business owner, I bring a personal touch to senior concierge services, drawing from my own experiences as a craft enthusiast, parent, and someone who grew up with a strong connection to my grandparents. This helps me provide heartfelt and customized care for each client. Being deeply empathetic and compassionate enhances my commitment to the well-being of our aging population through caring and personalized assistance.

Here are 3 ways the Assisted Living Navigator  can help you! 

1. Get Comprehensive Reviews:

Access detailed and unbiased assessments of assisted living centers, including safety, amenities, and resident experiences

2. Personalized Recommendations:

Receive tailored suggestions based on individual needs, preferences, and location to find the best match

3. Top Three Comparisons:

A clear, side-by-side layout highlighting the top three choices for clients to easily evaluate

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The personal assisted living navigator is a report where I do the research on assisting living facilities local to you based on your personal preferences.

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